What the Puppet?

I began my puppet career unconventionally--literally!  I was inspired by unconventional objects and loved bringing them to life.  Eventually I decided to give fleece a chance at Sesame Street veteran Michael Earl’s Puppet School, and that brought the Muppet-style of building and performance into my repertoire.  I'm trained in hand and rod puppetry, as well as marionette, but ​still love to incorporate found puppetry in my projects.

As a puppeteer, I've done various web series, short films, and music videos.  I've appeared in variety shows, at the Skirball Puppet Festival, and as a walk-around puppeteer at special events.  Check out my Puppeteer Reel hereand my resume is available upon request. 

Additionally, I've taught puppetry performance to kids, teens, and adults.  And I've choreographed a number of puppet musical performances for a Los Angeles Parent & Me music series​.

As a puppet builder, I've designed and constructed furry, fleecy, and funky characters for the stage, web, music videos, and more, including creating along with puppeteering 15 puppets for a digital content series produced for TBS, that you can read more about here.  Interested in working with me on your custom projects?  Contact me here to get the fur rolling!

I also run an Etsy shop under the name PuppetLayne, where I sell ready-to-ship and customizable puppets.  My shop is for both new and experienced puppeteers looking for affordable fun, furry, fuzzy, and fleecy characters. Learn a little about the designs I have to offer here.


Featured Custom Builds


Internet @$$holes


I built and puppeteered 15 puppets for this definitely not safe for work webseries.  Take Crank Yankers and add actual terrible things written by trolls in online message boards, and you have Internet @$$holes!  Grandma (seen in the middle) was the fan favorite, as well as one other green creation that's not quite appropriate for this page, but you can see it for yourself here (if you dare).

I built Dr. Penelope, the puppet star of this short film with an all female crew!  Plot:  An introverted graduate student struggling to finish her psychology dissertation finds life disrupted by her mother’s feisty, psychic puppet who insists on teaching her the importance of intuition and the meaning of human connection.


Ready-Made Puppets for Sale

Blue and Orange Monster
Shaved Brown Fur
Red with Teal
Speciality Pink Fur
Red Monster
Two tone green
Blue and White Monster
Furry Brown Monster
Orange with a Red Splash

Professional Monsters

These half-body Muppet-style monsters are one-of-a-kind hand and rod puppets that are great for film projects, theatrical shows, gifts, and beyond!  Although I use the same pattern, I design each one to be unique and full of personality.  Get your hands on (and in!) these ready-made professional monsters, but I'm happy to work with you to design your very own.  Your imagination is the limit!

Rainbow Fur
Green mini-monster
Crazy Red
Unique purple fur
Open Mouth Orange
Speciality Purple Fur Mini-Monster
Flying Yellow Mini-Monster
Green and Blue Combo
Blue and White Speciality fur

Meep Mini-Monsters

This cute little hand and rod puppet is a perfect practice puppet for beginning puppeteers or for general silliness.  The design was inspired by Beaker from the Muppets, and is meant to be puppeteered with your hand straight up just like everybody's favorite meeping character!  Find these ready-made on my Etsy page, or custom order and choose your fur, fleece, eyes, and more!