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Sherry Strawberry
Sherbert the Clown
Masters of ECE

Meet Sherry Layne

Hey, that’s me!  

I’m a Los Angeles-based children’s arts educator and entertainer.  I have a MA in Educational Psychology from CSUN and a BFA in Film Production from Chapman University.  I’m a trained improvisor, clown, puppet builder, and puppeteer.

I’ve been nurturing youth in the arts since 2007, leading performance and writing workshops across the country.  I also teach adult and professional development workshops.  Want to hear more about my workshops?  Click here! 

I've written for film, television, stage, streaming, social media, and even party games. Read about some of my favorite previous projects here!

Currently, I write and direct educational media content as the Associate Eduction Director for Story Pirates—a nationally recognized children's media and arts education organization. My work is showcased in their award winning television series SPTV (airing on PBS in select areas).


Additionally, you can often find me covered in multicolored faux fur while puppet building.  More about my puppets here!

You can also hear me chat early childhood education on the podcast Masters of ECE (new episodes released weekly).

And see if you can spot me in New York Times Magazine with my hair idol Weird Al!


Featured Writing Projects

Jake and MrB.jpg


Story Pirates University (SPU) - Story Pirates's educational video series that teaches writing, visual arts, and other creative arts lessons.  SPU is featured in the award winning television series SPTV, airing on PBS in select areas.

After School Creator Camp - interactive virtual show/workshop - Running for two years, After School Creator Camp ran three separate monthly programs filled with silly storylines, creative curricula, and unexpected improv performances.

Off the Shelf - puppet series - A pair of reluctant readers go to the library for an after-school program to help with their reading skills, and find themselves encountering more than they bargained for with a group of quirky librarians, and a library that’s a world in itself.

Beautiful World - The Beautiful World is a visionary and highly imaginative children’s television show for the modern age.  Every episode teaches preschoolers a new character-building word through music, make-believe, and more as they travel through Truthor's Playhouse, Rainbow Reef, Spaceship 1Love, and beyond.

PuppeTorah - Interactive children's theatrical series with focus on Jewish ethics, using puppetry, mask, music, and improv.  Four  one-acts produced by Babonazo Productions: "Generosity," "Choosing the Right Words," "Sorry," and "Being Positive".

Baub Show sketching.jpg


The Baub Show - Interactive talk/variety vidcast hosted by Bob Merrick that serves up cocktails, musical performances, and sketch comedy.  Reoccuring segments include: Quantum Sleep, Little Desie's Letters to Celebrities, & More or Less Lost.

Reel Teens - “The hardest part [of being this age] is finding someone who will understand you like no other.” –Jacqueline (age 15).  Real high school students star as 3 groups of high schoolers with 3 weeks to produce 3 very different films dealing with what it truly means to be a modern teenager. Developed over a semester of interviews and improv exercises with students from the Ambassador School of Global Leadership in downtown Los Angeles.

Murder Mystery Games:

I Now Pronounce You Dead - 15 players and up - Chicken, fish, or murder?  An uninvited body crashes the already tense wedding reception of a bride and groom from two feuding families. Guests must look past their differences to dig up evidence and discover the killer amongst them while still saving room for cake.

Singin' in the Rainin' Blood - 20 players and up - The movies may be talking, but the guests aren’t when the controversial director of Hollywood’s newest motion picture drops dead at dinner. Guests must sift through the secrets, lies, and schemes to single out the killer before someone else ends up as dead as silent cinema.

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